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We will visit notable landmarks, local chocolatiers, baked good purveyors, two St. Augustine breweries, a state-of-the-art taproom, beautiful wine bars, colorful cocktail spots, and fantastic local restaurants, all while learning about the incredible story of St. Augustine. On the Ale Trail, hear tales of coastal Florida’s brewing past and visions of its promising future while sampling an abundance of delicious beer along the way. See why we call it the Not Just a Chocolate Tour while you discover all the sweet treats St. Augustine has to offer! The Perfect Pairing combines our favorite libations and cuisine to show you why St. Augustine was named the #1 Foodie Town by Southern Living magazine. Whether you’re on a St. Augustine day trip, or have lived here your whole life, these St. Augustine walking tours are perfect for you.

Small Group
Walking Tours

Always 8 or less guaranteed! This guarantees a much more fun and personal experience! Your friendly guide is always nearby with more stories, food, and drinks!


Enhance your St. Augustine visit with a craft beer experience on the Ale Trail, or a fun day enjoying superb cocktails and wine alongside some of the best food in town on our Perfect Pairing Tour, or you can let us show you just how sweet St. Augustine truly is with our Not Just a Chocolate Tour.

Tasty Bites Included!

Have a mid afternoon snack at one of our taprooms on the Ale Trail. Get a take home bag on top of your tastings on the Not Just a Chocolate Tour! Eat your way though St. Augustine on our Perfect Pairing Tour!

North Florida is Our Home

Come Experience It With Us!

From the Spanish colonial architecture to the history and stories of St. Augustine, let us take you on an interactive journey through the city’s history. Our guides are certified and our groups are small, meaning you’ll get to know the city like a local. Discover the buildings, history, and people that shaped our city into what it is today.

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Old City, New Life Style

Nightlife, Music, Food, What to Do, Fishing and other Leisure Activities around the First Coast

Of course drinking great beer isn’t the only thing to do here in North Florida! We love sharing our passion for St. Augustine and the surrounding areas with visitors and locals alike.



Happy 502nd birthday to our founder Pedro Menendez de Aviles! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ 🍻

Born in 1519, he had run away from home to a life at sea by the age of 14. At the age of 30, he was commissioned by the Holy Roman Empire to drive pirates away from the coast of Spain. A stubborn man who made many enemies, he was imprisoned for two years at age 44. After regaining favor with Spanish royalty, he was sent to the strategic Florida coast to expel French Huguenots and develop a new permanent colony.

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The rack of lamb prepared by @collagerestaurant is a true St. Augustine experience!

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This sunset reminds you that the best things in St. Augustine are free....

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4) All entrants need to post current pictures of themselves underneath 4 of St. Augustine's famous Love Trees. (Details below!)

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2) We will draw the five winners' names from a hat and they will each win 2 tickets to our fabulous Not Just A Chocolate Tour!

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Contest Rules: Entrants need to mention @staugustineexperiences and tag #lovetreechallenge in a post on their feed. NOTE: You do not need 4 separate posts! You can collect all pictures and make one gallery post including all 4 pictures.

Half the fun is doing research and finding these trees on your own! Don't worry, every couple days we will add a new tree with address to our Stories so check back if you're having trouble!

Put up 1 finger ☝ in front of the first tree, two fingers ✌ in front of the second....and three and four respectively.

Shoot us a DM saying challenge completed after you finish all 4 and we'll add you to the running!

This challenge is not sponsored by Instagram. No purchase necessary. Some trees are on private property. Please take pictures from public sidewalk. Please do not trespass to take your picture!

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We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas! Enjoying the Nights of Lights is our favorite holiday tradition. What's yours?!
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