​Confirmation is sent within 2 hours of booking. Confirmation will contain company phone number, meeting place, meeting time, map and general directions. If you booked through a 3rd party (Viator/TripAdvisor/Get Your Guide, etc.) they send your confirmations and may not be as complete as ours. If you are having trouble with their information just call us at 904-602-6008.

Cancellations / Dates changes

  • At least 1 week before tour: Full Refund
  • Date changes must be made more than 48 hours in advance of your tour. You can then reschedule once at no additional cost or fees.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the tour are considered no-shows, and are not refundable. However, tickets are fully transferable to another party, just provide them the first and last name on your booking and they may attend in your place. Same WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT APPLIES. If you must cancel, as a courtesy, we will try to reschedule at OUR convenience.

Custom Tours

Custom and group tours fall under another category. Please call directly to find out the appropriate policies for your group or custom tour at 914-564-0461.


All tours are held rain or shine. However, we supply ponchos if it rains. We recommend you check the weather forecast to help you choose your shoes and garments. You might want to bring an umbrella.


We can help, but ultimately you are responsible for your safety. We recommend closed toe shoes on the Ale Trail as we will be inside a working brewery and walking on cobblestone streets. Please make us aware of all dietary allergies before you partake. Since you are responsible, be sure to ask the brewery/taproom/restaurant staff if there is any question at all.

Dietary Restrictions

We can only accommodate vegetarian diets on the Ale Trail and nut free options on the Not Just a Chocolate Tour. We cannot accommodate vegan, kosher, dairy allergies, sugar-free or gluten-free restrictions.


Tours do not include gratuities for the guides. Most guidebooks and American Express suggest 15-20% of the full tour price. Bartender/server gratuities are included in the tour price.


Pets are not allowed on any of our beer or food tasting tours. Florida law prohibits pets from entering an establishment that serves food or drink.

Alcoholic beverages

You must be 21 years or older and be able to prove it with an I.D. to be able to drink alcohol on the tour. If a person is visibly intoxicated before the tour begins, we have the right to deny your entrance onto the tour. During the tour, if a customer disobeys, disrespects, causes any physical or emotional harm to any property, staff, or the group as a whole, their entire group will be removed from the tour. Consumption of alcohol is reserved exclusively for the breweries/taprooms/restaurants. Open containers are strictly prohibited in St. Augustine. Any alcohol consumed in the van or bus is absolutely prohibited. If any of these situations occur, no refund will be provided. DO NOT PREGAME THE ALE TRAIL and RESPECT THE BREWERIES, GUIDE, & VEHICLE.

3rd party Voucher Cancellations / Date changes

To get a refund from a voucher purchased through a 3rd party, you must contact your 3rd party seller for any kind of refund.
Date changes are also implemented by the company you booked through, but if you have questions about availability feel free to contact us at 904-602-6008.